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Why Use Custom Koozies?

What is that one thing that you frequently think of being accompanied to bottles as well as cans at parties? Obviously, it’s none other than custom koozies. With these items, it is very useful in extending the life of cold drinks and also, saving your money by not having to buy more ice. In addition to that, custom koozies at do serve a great advertising tool for businesses by allowing that business to put their store address, company logo, website as well as phone number onto the koozie. With this, clients can see and be reminded of where they received it subconsciously. Well by far, this is actually a lot better than using business card which will get lost and be forgotten eventually. With a koozie on the other hand, people who received it will surely be using it over and over again. Actually, custom koozies may be utilized by businesses at almost any special events such as when sponsoring athletic games, trade shows, fundraising events and many more. Whether you believe it or not, koozies can be customized and used as well for personal special occasions like baby showers, bridal showers, graduation, reunion as well as weddings. On the other hand, there are those who are using it for birthday celebrations and Christmas parties. Basically, koozies can be used in virtually any party you can think of. They can also have novelty designs or serious sayings. They may be made with nearly any color you like and any design from plain colors, stripes, decorative items like gemstones glued to it, pictures, beads and anything you can think of. The fact is, there’s a massive selection for custom materials that can be chosen for custom koozies too. Some options that can be chosen are plastic, stainless steel, neoprene and Styrofoam. As for the sizes available for koozies, it can range from 12 oz., 24 oz, and even as large as 40 oz. Not only that, koozies may be utilized for wine bottles. The ideal and best custom koozies that you can have are the ones that could be designed and made by yourself. DIY koozies may be made by using virtually anything that is lying around your house or perhaps, something that you have bought from a craft store. To give you an example, you can use materials from old clothing including sweater sleeves, stretchy socks and the likes that could be sewn together and serve as base of your koozie container. Check out this website at for more facts about personalized koozies.